Act Final Curtain Call...

  Due to an awareness push from the universe and unforeseen circumstances, we will no longer be hosting Awareness Changes Truth on BlogTalk radio.  Divine timing has occurred and the time is NOW for each of us to move on to more nurturing endeavors. 

   Jyude’s clock literally fell from her wall, shattering itself as a metaphoric example that the timing is now.)  We are extremely grateful for your support and well wishes.  Thank you for being part of our journey into awareness.  Replays are still available during November.

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  • The SIGHT of truth boldly awakens & stirs us...
  • The VOICE of truth repeatedly echoes awareness within us...
  • The SMELL of truth sweetly comforts our senses...
  • The TASTE of truth refreshingly nourishes us...
  • The FEELING of truth warmly embraces us...
  • Please remember to stay wrapped i your truth and ACT now, reinforcing the true, beautiful YOU!


What if you can  make a difference in the way the world operates by becoming aware of injustices and spreading the word?


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What if we alerted you to consumer bullying, bigotry & acts of unkindness and meanness?


What if the truth is another reality?  Let's talk & ACT now!


What if it's time to wake up from the dream in which we, as a society, have been indoctrinated?

Our intention is to bring awareness to your actions.  ACT provides a platform where people can listen in and comment as we create truth, awareness about current systems like religion, health care, education, holiday celebrations, governments, corporations and relationships.  We broadcast these awarenesses on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm ET on blogtalkradio:

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