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Welcome to Awareness Changes Truth where our intention is to bring awareness to your actions. ACT provides a platform where people can listen in and comment as we create truth, awareness about current systems like religion, health care, education, holiday celebrations, governments, corporations and relationships.  We broadcast these awarenesses on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm EST on blogtalkradio:


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What if it's time to wake up from the dream in which we, as a society, have been indoctrinated?

What if the truth is another reality? Let's talk & ACT now!

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May 29th:  How Has The Current Economic Model Provided Freedom For Crooks?

  Are we still repeating the patterns of motherhood from 50 years ago or not?  How is the modern mother different from her mother?  Join us as we explore the differences and similarities.

   Have you been taken advantage of & scammed by organizations, major corporations, mom & pop businesses & so on?  How have these systems been protected by our own government & banking systems?  Let's talk about the lack of integrity, trust and ultimate lack of freedom these threatening circumstances are creating.

Replay:  What Does It Mean To Be A Mother today?